Entrepreneurship & Private Sector

STRATEGIES! has extensive experience working with individual entrepreneurs, business incubators, and government agencies in an effort to spur economic growth and private sector development. STRATEGIES! has worked with a multitude of clients, designing business development curricula, working with entrepreneurs on improving their business plans, helping governments identify top economic policy priorities and implement programs that foster economic growth.

Examples of our work

Supporting Public Advocacy for Regional Competitiveness

Through the SPARC program in partnership with Vital Voices, STRATEGIES! worked with 4 business women’s associations across sub-Saharan Africa to develop and implement local, national and regional advocacy campaigns aimed at improving the economic environment for women.

Local Economic Development

STRATEGIES! has worked with over 10 local governments to develop LED stratégies and boost local economies. These strategies included entrepreneurship programs for youth and for women, developing local investment guidelines, building economic partnerships between local governments and key stakeholders. LED programs produced interesting results including: job creation, increased investment and increased revenue for local governments.

Vital Voices VVGrow Fellowship

Working with the Vital Voices Global Partnership Africa Department, STRATEGIES! designed and implemented a year-long fellowship supporting women entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa to grow their businesses. 

African Youth Employment Strategy

Working with AUDA-NEPAD and the SIFA program, STRATEGIES! facilitated workshops in the five African regions to analyze TVET and youth employment strategies.  Based on these regional workshops, a continental strategy was developed.