Peace and Security

STRATEGIES! works closely with local councils, national governments, and regional bodies to determine top agricultural, natural resource, and land management policy priorities. STRATEGIES! recognizes the importance of sustainable resource management to peace, security wealth and justice. We are thus committed to supporting government efforts in designing effective and responsive agricultural policies and programs.

Examples of our work

Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme

For over 10 years STRATEGIES! was involved in facilitating the implementation of the CAADP strategy for Africa. We partnered with various stakeholders including the Pan-African Farmers’ Organization (PAFO), AUDA-NEPAD, regional and national organizations to ensure the development and implementation of national agriculture and food security investment plans across the continent.

Green Innovation Centers

For numerous years, STRATEGIES! facilitated the continental conferences of the GICs. Farmers, private sector actors and development partners were brought together from 13 African countries and India to discuss agricultural innovations and climate smart agriculture. STRATÉGIES! helped facilitate information exchange between various stakeholders and facilitate discussions on sustainability and scale.