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“Black Women Shaping the World -Across Continents and Across Time”, is a collection of ten stories that showcase the diversity, creativity, and resilience of black women in public life, who have impacted history across eight decades.

The book is not an academic study, but a lively and engaging narrative that inspires through the examples and lessons of these remarkable women. It is written by three Cameroonian women: Kah Walla, Bergeline Domou, and Alice Malongte. These authors are leaders, professionals, activists, human rights defenders, but most importantly women who act locally and globally, learning from their sisters to impact the world.

Buy the book on Amazon and you will receive free access to the course on Udemy. This course uses Adinkra symbols, beautifully designed, ancient symbols from the Akan people of Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire, as a guide to leadership and personal development. Preview the course here

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