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ctivities carried out between May and June have centered around areas in which we have accumulated a certain expertise: a presentation on macro-trends in Africa, the facilitation of the PPWG coalition’s meeting, the mentoring of young female leaders through the HERlead fellowship and a motivational speech for the 2017 YALI fellows.


 On May 5, KAH WALLA shared a presentation at Vital Voices Headquarter in Washington D.C on Macro Trends in Africa’s security, economy and governance.

Objective: Share insights from STRATEGIES!’s analysis of the current security crisis affecting several regions of the African continent (Sahel, Lake Chad Basin, Horn of African, Great Lakes), to the decline in economic growth, and to the decadent governance.

Activities: A moderated discussion with Vital Voices President and CEO, Ms Alyse Nelson.

Participants : Members of Non-Governmental Organizations (Women’s Global Impact Initiative), Think Tanks (International Center on Nonviolent Conflict, National Democratic Institute, Center for American Progress) Universities (Tufts University), International Organizations (World Bank Group), Firms (Advisory Board Company).

Kah Walla and Alyse Nelson (CEO of Vital Voices)

Objective: Provide member-organizations with tools and methods required to improve the coalition functioning and increase their impact.

Activities : 2 days workshop to determine the strategic direction of PPWG, to review its mission, develop a short and medium term vision and to set long term goals.

Participants : Members of the Holocaust Memorial Museum, Peace Direct, the Mercy Corps, the Alliance for Peacebuilding, the International Crisis Group, Refugees International, the Conference of Catholic Bishops, Strategy for Humanity, the Atrocities Prevention Group, Humanity United.


As a mentor, Kah Walla trains and empowers young women through the HERlead Fellowship (formerly known as ANNpower Vital Voices initiative). She inspires young leaders to realize their leadership potential and change the world.

The HERlead Leadership Forum which takes place every year in June at ANN INC.’s headquarters in New York City, is an opportunity for the next generation of female leaders to be enlightened by representatives and global women leaders’expertise and experience.


Kah Walla had a discussion with 2017 YALI fellows at Dartmouth College on macro trends in Africa and on how to transform Africa’s crisis into opportunities.

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) has been launched since 2010  to support young African leaders as they spur growth and prosperity, strengthen democratic governance, and enhance peace and security across Sub-Saharan Africa.

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