1. Overview of Africa’s Strategic Minerals Potential
  2. Diamond production data
  3. The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme
  4. Overview of some initiatives to improve mining governance in Africa
  5. Key Trends in Mining Governance in Africa
  6. The Functional State in Africa: Key to the Overall Improvement of Governance and People’s Living Conditions


  • The exploitation of natural resources in general, and mining resources such as diamonds in particular, remain one of the most important issues for peace, security and development in many African countries.
  • If these resources are to serve the sustainable well-being of the people, it is vital that the governance of African states is equal to the challenges, both internal and external, old and new.
  • With a view to contributing to these changes in governance, STRATEGIES! has been supporting and advising players in the governance of natural resources in Africa for several years.
  • This edition of macro-trends aims to introduce the public to some data on the subject of mining governance in particular and the governance of natural resources in general.
  • It also offers a summary version of our concept of the Functional State in Africa, the construction of which should be the horizon and compass for all current private and public initiatives in the field of natural resource exploitation.