* Key recents developments in Sub Saharan Africa
* Sub Saharian Africa Outlook
* Inflation and food crisis in SSA
* Key risks in Sub Saharian Africa (SSA)
* Key recommendations from international institution


World news continues to be dominated by the various tensions generated by the conflict in Ukraine and its multidimensional consequences on the world. Although this conflict occupies most of the attention of the international media, it does not in itself summarize the profound dynamics that continue to characterize the course of the world in general and that of the African continent. In order to contribute to a rapid and synthetic understanding of the major trends affecting the African continent, STRATEGIES! provides a summary called “MACRO – TRENDS FOR
AFRICA”. The ” Macro – Trends for Africa ” are:
• A synthesis of the different political, economic, security and humanitarian trends.
• A presentation of recent developments in some of the key areas of life on the continent.
• An overview of key data and statistics that allow us to measure the weight of certain phenomena on the progress of African states and the lives of their populations.
• A summary of the recommendations made by experts and major international institutions to decision-makers and key players in African development. In this July 2022 edition, STRATEGIES! presents an overview of economic trends on the African continent during the first half of 2022. Enjoy your reading.