▪ Key principles and vision of Elections
▪ Changing perceptions of elections in Africa
▪ Electoral trends and results in Senegal
▪ Electoral trends and results in Kenya
▪ Electoral trends and results in Angola


The regular holding of free and transparent elections is one of the indicators of the democratization of countries. Elections that are neither free nor transparent have long been seen as a source of tension and conflict in Africa. Where do we stand in terms of the perception that Africans have of the elections held in their countries? In this series of macro-trends dedicated to recent electoral processes in Africa, STRATEGIES! proposed in a first part a synthetic view of African ambitions in terms of organizing free and transparent elections on the one hand, and the evolution of the perception of African citizens of the quality of elections held in Africa on the other. This second part will be devoted to the recent elections held in Senegal, Kenya and Angola.