I. Definition and typology of coups in Africa

II. Causes and Explanatory Factors of Coups in Africa

III. Parameters that determine the occurrence of coups

IV. Overview of coups in Africa since the 1950s

V. Consequences of coups in Africa

VI. The African Union in the face of coups : Mechanisms, means of action and reasons for impotence

VII. STRATEGIES! perspectives on ways forward in the current coup climate in Africa 


Since 2021, the African continent has again been the scene of coups d’etat which upset the progress of countries, redefine relations between States, put regional, continental and international cooperation mechanisms to the test and lead
decision-makers and analysts to review their evaluation grids of current dynamics.
In this context, STRATEGIES! Presents macro-trends devoted to the phenomenon of coups in Africa. The aim is to give the reader key elements to appreciate and analyze the phenomenon of coups d’état.
Africa Macro Trends is a summary of data, trends and analyses aimed at providing a quick overview of some of the key developments taking place in sub-Saharan Africa.